Monday, October 22, 2007

Elizabeth (Regal) Bame

After graduating from AA, I went to Andrews University to get my BFA, I made some great new friends while I was there, one of which was very influential in my life. I ended up in Atlanta, when she talked me into moving down to room with her. At the time I was working for a newspaper in Buchanan and I was not planning to stay there long. My Atlanta friend set up a meeting with a publishing company, I was hired to be their art director, where I am still currently employed after eighteen years. This same friend also introduced me to a mutual friend of hers who I ended up marrying. What a friend! I meet Roy the first weekend I was came down here for the job interview. We hung out for two years as just friend, before eventually realizing that we were pretty crazy about each other. After that it only took six months before we were walking down the isle. We have been married for almost 15 years now. We don’t have kids, but we did adopt a dog (Molly) and inherited a cat (Bailey). Roy was working for Larson-Juhl a picture framing company when I first met him. But a few years after we’d been married, he started a lawn and landscape company, the business is flourishing, he now has a manager that runs it, and this year he started working for a long time friend as a project manager for a renovation company.

Since before we got married, Roy and I have been actively involved in our church, the Atlanta North SDA church in Dunwoody, Georgia (come visit us if your ever in the area). We’ve served various positions throughout the years, and we are currently helping with Pathfinders. Last year, Roy went with a group from our church to preach in India. This year he went again, and this time I went with him. I helped with the kids, teaching them bible stories and songs. It was an incredible experience, hard to describe. I was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells. But meeting the people, and helping to bring the Gospel to those that had never heard it, was the part that made the experience so special, and so humbling. We are hoping to go back again next year.

A few years after being in Atlanta, I ended up taking art classes from a very talented, art teacher. I continued taking classes from him, once a week, for over eight years, till one day I decided it was time to brave it on my own, by then I was developing enough confidence in my abilities to start marketing my work. For the last four years I’ve been entering juried shows, and art exhibits, as well as having my work represented by several galleries here in Altanta. If you would like to see my work you can check out my website: Pursuing my art has led me to some exciting adventures, and given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people that also have a passion for art. I traveled to France twice while I was in art class, and in 2003 I was excepted into to an artist-in-residence progam, in Hawaii. I spent two weeks there, living in a house with four other artist, painting to my hearts content. I’ve never had a more relaxing vacation.

It’s been wonderful to read the different entries and hear what has been happening with some of my classmates. I still have family in Michigan and make it up there at least twice a year. But, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it up there for the reunion, I’ve been in touch with a couple of you that I have not talked to in so many years, I am so glad that we are now back in contact with each other, what a blessing that has been! Maybe I’ll see you at the 30th?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

25th Reunion Saturday

The Class of 1983 (click on picture to enlarge)

On Sabbath, Don rec'd one of the Featured Alumnus award for his aviation mission work. Go Bruce!

For those of us who went to RMES, you'll remember Principal Van Dunien (sp?). He rec'd the Alumnus of the Year award.

Here I am with our featured Alum, shortly after church and on our way to the Lodge for lunch and the rest of our activities there.

Here are my folks as they approach the front of the Lodge. It was a gorgeous Sabbath day after all the rain and stormy weather the past few days. See if you can recognize your classmates in the following pictures!

After Candace, Joel's sister read an e-mail from Joel to the class, I delivered a music piece that Dr. Nowack was supposed to sing (the music disappeared right before Mr. Nowack was supposed to sing it for a talent show and Joel couldn't find it...till now!), but he said he would only sing it when Joel could play it!!!

25th Reunion history! (Fri)

10-27-07 Wow, what a fantastic 25th reunion! It was great to see everyone that was there (and for those who weren't, we talked about you guys! LOL!) Seriously, if you didn't make it, you probably missed the best 25th reunion ever planned in the history of AA. Kudos to Mike C., Kevin, their spouses Myrna and Arlyn, and the rest of the local gang who helped them plan this for the rest of us. You guys did a fantastic job and created memories we will never forget.

While we thanked Mike in person there, I wanted to thank the SPOUSES of our classmates who were there. They were real troopers while the rest of us spent hours chatting and catching up. We should have acknoledged you guys in person there, so hopefully this will do.

These are the pictures I took. Since I had to return home early, I didn't get the brunch, so if someone can send me those pictures, I'll add them in. If you have pictures you'd like to add, send them to me (either in 640x480 resolution or on a CD and I'll reduce them) and I can add it into the blog entries. I'm going to break it up into Fri., Sat., and Sun. so it'll be easier to organize the pictures.

It sure gave me a foretaste of what heaven will be like...but we'll never have to leave to catch a plan or go back to work!!! Nor will we have to be concerned about the cost and if everyone paid or not. It's all paid for and free to us!!!

Those who were there vowed to keep in touch, and this blog will continue to grow as we share what we're doing. We will also do our best to get the others in here, even fi they didn't go to the reunion, so if you still have to send me your pixs and bio, send away! It's never too late. ;-)

Hope ya'll had as good a time as I did!


The Alumni Weekend started off with the Convocation and Career Day seminar on Friday. Here Betty is about to sing for special music. Just prior, yours truly led out in the Pledge of Allegience.

Some of our class on the platform.

Hector giving his reflections..."Have fun!" Mike and Kenny, along with Dr. O, listening in the background.
Mike shares his pearls of wisdom from his academy days. Something about how to collect as many white cards as you can....
Then in what seemed like an impromptu interview, Dr. O started interviewing different alumni. Here he's asking Kenny some questions.
Kenny then took the camera from my hand and shot these pictures as Dr. O interviewed me.
Kenworth and Philip prepare to enjoy the delicious lunch for all the Career Day speakers, sponsored by Dana Wales Financial and Associates.
Dr. O thanks all the speakers; Lynda can been seen sitting here next to Mr. Anderson, who looks almost like he did 25 years ago!

Check out her racing site on her blog entry!

Can you believe that amid the thunder clouds and the wind, a few of us still played golf that Friday afternoon? Loved the computer monitors and GPS in the golf if they just had RFID golf balls so we could find our ball amid the leaves on the course....LOL!

Kevin is cool under the pressure of those watching behind. You can tell he has done this before!

Check out this approach onto the green by Dr. Nowack! Impressive!

Later that Friday evening, we gathered for the first time at the Lodge. Mike and Kevin where there to greet us as we came in. They had nice displays set up of each of our years from, creatively made by Arlyn. See if you can recognize the various alum here in these pictures.
Ron did a great job in putting the slide show together for us. What memories!!!

A yummy Mexican catered meal!

The slide show was a blast down memory lane. Remember who that filipino guy was who wore all those mesh shirts, like in this picture???

Special kudos to all the spouses of alumni who were there!
After a long night of catching up and socializing, our first get-together was over. Stay tuned for Sabbath's events next!